Make OpenWrt only advertise DNSv6

Is there a way to make OpenWrt publish only DNSv6 addresses and not itself or DNSv4?

Do you still want an IPv4 address; or just no DNS issued?

I want the router to only announce custom DNSv6 no DNSv4 needed

I want DHCPv4 (if I understand you correctly) but I want OpenWrt to pass only IPv6 DNS server ip (instead of it's own or option 6)

Try a blank DHCP option No. 6 or DNS server of

I will have to test if that fails.

It seems that only the 6, worked, in one exception, on my Raspberry Pi (running Ubuntu 22.10) it registered the router as DNS so I set it's DNS IP to localhost sasticaly.
On every other device (iPhones and MacOS) it got localhost as DNS IP.

The 6, didn't work, it cause the router to not give an IPv4 to the Rapberry Pi at all, and it couldn't connect to the internet.

You said that you wanted DNSv6 (not v4), so you should make sure DNSv6 works on the Pi to get Internet connectivity.

Correction: it seems that the solution of 6, works on all devices, this it seems the solution.

You are just nitpicking here, right?

Reads to me: the client does not get an IPv4 address at all, and @ashr123 never said that the clients should not get a v4 lease, only that the clients should get only a v6 nameserver...

No, I wasnt.

OP asked for DNSv6 only. Unless I misunderstood, then the OP had DNSv4 issues. So I suggested proceeding to repair DNSv6.

That's exactly why I asked. I was gonna advise another method if OP didn't want DHCPv4 leases. If you realize that - not sure how it could be seen as nitpicking, but cool.

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