Make menuconfig


How are you?
Is it possible to execute make menuconfig and just exit and save the .config without any prompt, so automatically?
Because if I use make defconfig or make oldconfig, it will override the whole .config, I just need to update the .config I have, which I use with make menuconfig, just save and that's all.

Is it possible?

This is just that I want to update and make menuconfig does it.

or does make oldconfig updates after I updated the feeds?

That is equal to "make defconfig".
You should do "make defconfig" after update the source and feeds.

defconfig executes enable all files to compile, i have a .config that are use, there are tons that i will never use.

i only use php, python, node, databases, samba, vpn, wol, themes, openvpn.
but when i do make defconfig it overrides and generates everything, or i am wrong?

i do this right now:

$DIR/scripts/ > $DIR/configdiff
    cp $DIR/configdiff $DIR/.config
    make defconfig
    make oldconfig

but with this, it seems becomes the same.
is this right?

Assuming you are doing the defconfig in $DIR

$DIR is just current directory where /build/source is, yes it does do it.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"
 cp -avr /build/router/$1/source/. /build/source
    $DIR/scripts/ > $DIR/configdiff
    cp $DIR/configdiff $DIR/.config
    make defconfig
    make oldconfig
    cp $DIR/.config /build/router/${ROUTER_PROFILE}/source/.config

otherwise with $DIR it would not find $DIR/scripts/ > $DIR/configdiff so it must be working right?
so is it updating the feeds into the .config now, without make menuconfig?

I this before everything:

 $DIR/scripts/feeds update -a
 $DIR/scripts/feeds install -a
 rm -rf $DIR/package/feeds/packages/node*
 $DIR/scripts/feeds update -a -p darkmatter
 $DIR/scripts/feeds install luci-theme-darkmatter
 # i usually start here, like from nodejs 8.5 to 8.5.1 or 8.6
 $DIR/scripts/feeds install -a -p node
 # or new redis version like 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 or 4.1 etc..
 $DIR/scripts/feeds update -a -p redis
 $DIR/scripts/feeds install redis

i do that, what you told me to do it, without make menuconfig

I don't know why the movement of the source is being done, but if I follow your script correctly you are not starting with the desired .config; i.e. the one you have configured as desired. If the movement is in support of different targets check script ./script/env. And you will notice in my original posting, other thread, I used the ./(DOT) notation; i.e. my pwd is the buildroot.