Make menuconfig not detecting new package

I'm trying to package a piece of software. So far, I have

  1. Copied the package code to package/<package_category>/<package_name>/src
  2. Created package/<package_category>/<package_name>/Makefile (

Now, when I run make menuconfig, the package is not listed under "Network," as it should be. Also, make package/bloomd/compile and make package/bloomd/install both fail (

Am I missing a step required to update the config?

You have mixed category and section definitions. They control where the package is shown. the actual directory where it is has no role.

And your source locastion definition is too complicated and looks false. If you have sources in src, you don't need much. Look at px5g-standalone package as an example.

Thanks - fixing the category and section definitions fixed it, and it shows up in make menuconfig now.

However, I think my core issue is invoking scons. As I understand it, define package/bloomd/compile would, by default, run just make. (Directory changing, etc. is handled elsewhere.) However, when I manually define it to scons, it doesn't work (errors are a bunch of gibberish, then scons functions properly (cross-compiling, etc) when invoked manually in ./src/.

You need likely to browse the packages feed repo and look model from other packages using scons

Looks like you need additional include with scons plus there are scons options