Make does not create factory.bin

The problem is it does not create the whatchamacallit.bin file which is used for flashing my device but it creates other files as you can see below:

openwrtsdk/source/bin/targets/ramips/mt76x8$ ls

At first I thought the problem is I added lots of packages so it's too big to be built but after removing some packages the problem still remains. I was wondering if somone could help me.
Also it may be worth saying that building process compeleted without any error and I treied "make clean" and "make -j4 V=s" to create the image.
Openwrt Image Formats

are you sure it's required ?

it's not built by default ...;a=commit;h=ddafcc79473249089ffd4c2de8159af2a27e5683

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Isn't this one what you're looking for? That's the upgrade bin for your device, assuming it already has OpenWrt installed, just scp it over to /tmp and sysupgrade with it...

Also, you can drop the V=s from your make command, you only need all that output for debugging and it should speed things up without it.

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Thank you for your reply. Acctually I changed the DTS and as far as I know I have to flash it after changing the DTS.

Thank you for your reply. It is a really good point. When I used the image which was in the link, that you mentioned, it worked but when I used my image it got stock in its way to boot my image completly, after telling me <Link-port 1 is Up> it stopped working.