Maginon WLR 755 AC - does it run stable with OpenWrt yet?

I have a Maginon WLR 755 AC wifi repeater that is supported by OpenWRT, however i've read in these forums that it doesn't run stable. The post in question is already 2 years old, however.
Before i flash OpenWRT onto my device, I'm wondering if it runs stable these days?

Is this the same as just the "WLR 755"? If so, yes, it appears it runs 22.03.4:

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mt7628 is not a target I would recommend, for various reasons (mt7621 is just better, faster, better radios), but it should work - everything beyond that would need testing.

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I'am the one who originally wrote the post two years ago and I'am still using this device from time to time. The problems with transfer drops seem to have become rarely now.

Today I started a torture test on the device, downloaded a whole linux distributions repositories and did a iperf dualtest at the same time for one hour.
The device gets hot but no drops, no loss of connection - I think the issue is solved.

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Fantastic, thanks all

I had to add a heatsink to the mt7628 chip and that made my platform stable.
Unfortunately, I can't make the 5g radio work. didn't have a lot of time for testing.