MagentaTV IPTV IGMP Proxy Telekom not Working

Hello everyone. It's me again.
I managed to build a Network with my 7362SL running as Modem (VLAN7 tagged) and a Router 4a as Router doing the PPPoE Stuff. Unfortunatly in this Configuration i am not able to establish a IPTV Connection. Neither on my TVHeadend Server nore with VLC and RTP on any device. I strongly assume that i have a BNG Connection, so that i don't have to configure something with VLAN8 like one had to to in former Entertain days.

Right now i run my Xiaomit 4A (with DHCP) as an Accesspoint behind an 7560. In this configuration IPTV works. But this is not my desired Setup because I want the Xiaomi Router with OpenWRT for VLAN Configuration and Routing,

I tried installing IGMPProxy and config a lot of IP's for the Altnet. Also enabled igmp_snooping on the Lan Interface of the Xiaomi OpenWRT.

Anyone with advices for me?


Setting up (an other) 7362 with openwrt and using is sucessfull.

opkg update
opkg install igmpproxy
uci set igmpproxy.@phyint[0].altnet=
uci set igmpproxy.@phyint[1].altnet=
uci commit
reboot && exit

Only Problem seems to be, that the 7362 is not powerful enough for Routing so 2 parralel streams are not running.

Problem with the 4a seems to be that igmp snooping is kind of not working or i am not unterstanding how to Set it up.

Maybe Finding a powerfull openwrt device will help me.