all devices "Not Found", expect Apple


I generate a list of mac address

ip neigh | awk '{print $5}' | sort | uniq

paste them into

and get "Not found" for 90% of my devices. The only vendor he found is Apple.

I have popular devices in my network like LG, Nintendo, Samsung, Nokia.

Am I doing something wrong or the web service is buggy?


Many devices now use MAC randomization to avoid tracking (common on computer and mobile phone OSs now, althougn maybe not asrelevant for IoT and other similar devices). This will cause the lookups to fail. Also, try other sites for MAC address lookups to ensure that you're using one that is functioning properly.

Meanwhile, although this is generally related to networking, this forum is really intended to be used for OpenWrt, not as much about general network issues. Please be sure to keep the conversations here focused on OpenWrt and direclty related topics.


I would like to explain the background thoughts to my question. I want to block my LG TV (Smart shit) from the internet, but on the local network I want to be able to stream. Somehow I can't manage to block this LG device using mac address.

Unfortunately, the LG TV always finds a way to the internet.

I feel totally stupid, just can not block LG TV internet.

I have tried other mac address lookup sites but can't find the manufacturer LG anywhere from my list. Strange? Raspberry and Apple it has recognized.

As long as the TV isn't radomizing the MAC address, just assign a DHCP reservation (or set up the TV with a manually assigned static IP, assuming it allows you to do this).

Then create a firewall rule that drops all traffic from that IP (if you have multiple networks, be sure to specify the destination zone 'wan' in that rule).


Or alternatively, you could create a separate SSID for all devices you don't want to access the internet, that way in the future you can connect other devices to the same SSID and they won't have any internet without having to do any additional config. This could apply to ethernet devices too as you could tag them on the no internet vlan too.


I think I managed to block this *** spyware

Just one question

What is this in my network?

b2:42:24:78:a4:44 	Locally administered MAC address
b2:71:c4:93:88:e8 	Locally administered MAC address

Probably randomized MAC addresses from a device you actually use and trust on your network (such as your phone or your computer).

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