Macronix MX30UF2G28AD-TI NAND Programmer & Clip (without De-Soldering NAND chip)

Hi everyone,

I am looking for ONFI NAND programmer for Flash model Macronix MX30UF2G28AD-TI, any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

below is a picture for the Flash FYI.

That is not SPI-NAND but rather parallel ONFI NAND

Thanks! noted and post is adjusted now

What is the suitable programmer then? Do you have any idea?

I remeber one of the better options being using RPi with the appropriate socket adaptor

RPI is also fine,

what is the appropriate socket adapter in this case, can you send a picture and model of this socket adapter?

Open the NAND datasheet, find the package its using and then look on Aliexpres for the socket


Do you mean this one below;

Yeah, that should be it, google around and you will find examples from before.

Thanks, I will check google then!

For those who are interested in a clip without de-soldering the NAND chip; here is a clip for 48-TSOP Package. You will need to use Raspberry PI with it, or you can check YouTube for how to use it on Windows.

It can be found on Ali Express or you can google about where to buy it.

For the programmer reader software; you can simply make your own code using C or assembly, but if you are not in area of software programming then you can try this repo Here for NAND reader written in C at your own risk.

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