MAC Triggers alert, now what

So I am not an IT guy by trade, I make beverage grade alcohol, yes they type you drink. so I have to ask for help. My goal is to be alerted when a MAC address is registered into my linksys EA6350 router, my question is how do i get the router to trigger an alert and how to get it to my computer.
"The Boss is here" type of alert.
Any thoughts? thanks in advance

There isn't any turn key solution out there to the best of my knowledge. You could set up a script which will periodically scan the arp table for the desired mac address and then send an email. Then it should pause/stop, so you don't get bombarded by emails.

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This requires some programming/scripting.
You can catch an event with hotplug and send a message with SMTP client.
Though, it might be easier to solve the task on your PC.

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Hi Vgaetera so believe it or not, I am not completely inept but This is beyond my knowledge base. so what do I need to do for your idea?

Hi trendy, I am teaching myself python. how would you start this arp scan

Is there some variable for iface that is triggered on new arps learnt? I was thinking more of a script running the arp and looking for the mac in question, then sending the email, and suppressing the mails until the mac is gone.

mkdir -p /etc/hotplug.d/neigh
cat << "EOF" > /etc/hotplug.d/neigh/10-mac_notify
if [ "${ACTION}" = "add" -a "${MACADDR}" = "11:22:33:44:55:66" ]
then mailsend ...


That's interesting, i was searching the arp tablet idea but this makes more sense to me. thanks for the help Vgaetera and Trendy. cheers

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