MAC to IP Address /hostname when disabled DHCP on the AP


I have my edgerouter-x flashed with openwrt, and there I have de DHCP and DNS on.

I now also have my Aruba AP-105 flashed with openwrt, and there I disabled DHCP and DNS as dns server

The question I have is I only see the on the AP the associated clients MAC address, but I don't see the IP adres or the hostname.

Has somebody have a solution for that? Maybe grab the dhcp.leases , once every minute and compare it to the current connected clients and write this entries to the host file in this AP?

to get ARP to IP relation ship, you can use fping package as cronjob (tries to ping whole subnet).

That's the trick, uncheck the filter private , and created a cronjob every minute to scan with fping the subnet. Thnx

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