Mac Binding for browser less devices

Hello every one I searched a lot for my problem but not success , I wish that I will find answer here.
I have openwrt ,with freeradius system , and every things go fine but I want to make mac binding for devices that don't have browser ,like smart tv , camera , ...etc. how can I allow these devices to access internet without open browser and make login to access internet .
I have another question .
can I log visited sites by users to external server (ubuntu), and how can I do that

  • Can you explain the browser issue, as RADIUS has nothing to do with a browser?
  • Are you also running a captive portal?
  • Are you asking about how to assign a static IP based on MAC address?

This has nothing to do with OpenWrt per se. In the future, please make one post per inquiry.

If you control the DNS servers, you can see the domain look-ups. You can also run software like softflowd to record traffic to IPs. You'll need a more advanced Layer 7 inspection software for more fine-grained monitoring. Be advised that monitoring others without their knowledge/consent violates privacy laws in some countries - even if you own the network.

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Devices which don't support WPA-Enterprise cannot authenticate with an AP running in Enterprise mode. You could set up an additional AP for them with a supported encryption.

Automatically trusting a client based on MAC address is no security. MAC addresses are easily spoofed.


I am using captive portal , and for devices which not supporting browser to make login like (smart tv , camera ) how can I allow these devices to access internet without login but I want from freeradius to make accounting for that devices

What is the point of using a captive portal for such devices? I cannot understand the use case...