MAC-Adress White list with Device Name

I have build a white list in wirless for my allow mac-adresses. is there a plugin to type there a devicename for the mac-adress? maby it is posible to show the devicename in connected devices?
Thank you for Help

You can either maintain an /etc/ethers file which is respected by LuCI when displaying host hints, or you can declare fake static DHCP reservations where you simply leave out the IP address but still provide MAC and name.

The latter solution, while a little bit hackish, has the advantage that you can do it without SSH.

i also wanted some kind of management for such things.

I have DHCP static leases, i also have whitelist at WiFi.... would be really nice to have mod which maintains an unique list with checkbox that show if this item is also a WiFi item and/or DHCP static. I dont think that would be so hard to program. I would love to do it, but im a totally ignorant of luci, so i dont know how to make it works inside luci.