M2M-WIFI-HDR100-Help with the firmware

Good afternoon, there is a router http://www.m2mconnect.cn/en/index.php?id=13

Model MT7620
Firmware Version HDR1004GO_B01V10 / OpenWrt Barrier Breaker 14.07 / LuCI Trunk (svn-r1)
Kernel Version 3.10.14

On the router itself it says
Wireless Router
Model HDR100 v2/4G

Same problem as WIFI-ATROS-4G MT7620 which firmware?
It works fine, but often stops working and has to be rebooted to regain functionality.
For that reason i would like to update the firmware but i can't find the correct one.
Faak user solved the problem https://forum.openwrt.org/u/faak/summary , no response from the manufacturer to me, registered on your wonderful site, wanted to write Faak, but for some reason there is no write button and was only online in 2019, does anyone have new firmware? Thanks

well, it's not supprted by openwrt.

Are you still around, @faak ?

It's done now.