M27612-BU3 wifi module; what are the firmware and drivers needed to configure it as AP on openwrt

I am new to openwrt, currently I have installed openwrt 19.07, I have M27612-BU3 Wi-Fi M.2 Platform B key Module USB signal based on Mediatek MT7612U.
I searched for required firmware and driver for this module, but i didnot found nay straight forward documentations. can some one kindly suggest me with all the necessary packages that need to be installed to make my wifi module functional.

Thanks in advance.

Start by upgrading, that release is EOL.

Then install and post the output of lsusb.

it is 76x2u from module name designation, you need to post hardware ids if that does not work out right away.

I have installed kmod-mt76x2u package but still i didnt found any wireless tab on interfaces.

lsusb output:
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0e8d:7612 MediaTek Inc.

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have you already upgraded your openwrt to a newer release ?

19.07 is based on the 4.14 kernel, your 7612 requires 4.19, or newer.

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