M.2 wifi-card for x86-PC

Hi everybody,

I'm planning to use a x86-PC as a Wifi-Router and looking for a suitable Wifi-card. Since the PC (Lenovo ThinkCentre m720q) only has a m.2 2230-Slot (Key E) it has to be a m.2-card. I already tried a Qualcomm Atheros WCN6856-based card (Driver ath11k), which theoretically worked - but unfortunately I was unable to use both bands (2G + 5G) at once, even though the card is marketed as DBDC-capable. Another issue was the inability to set the country code manually, so the 5GHz-radio occasionally won't start at all.

After some further research I stumbled across the MediaTek MT7916, which sounds (from my beginners perspective) like a good fit. Unfortunately, the only m.2-version of it I found, was the AsiaRF AW7916-AED, which uses a larger m.2-format and thus most likely won't fit into the 2230-slot of my ThinCentre. So, my question is: Do you have another idea for an (preferrably 802.11AX) m.2 2230-wifi card suitable for use as an dual band Wifi-AP? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

do yourself a favour, and get a used router/AP from ebay/craigs list/a thrift store, and put it next to the m720q.

should be cheaper and run laps around the M.2 card.

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Buy nice ap instead of making some crippled ap , mine works with pfsense, performance is madness. I've bought m920q with 8500t, 32 gigs if ram and magical riser to fit mellanox cx4 dual 25 gig card. Works fantastic.

Doesn't everything behind pfsense work?

I feared such answers, but you are probably right. So, an AP it is. Thanks anyway!