LVM2 in 18.06.1

I'm using my own compilation of OpenWrt. I had no problems till latest release.

In newest version (18.06.1) I cannot get working lvm2:

# vgchange -ay
io_setup failed
Failed to create bcache io engine.

I'm not using bcache nor lvmcache.

Compiling 18.06.0 from same config.seed results in working lvm2
Target device x86-64 (apu2).

I tried to check dm-cache and bcache (CONFIG_BCACHE=y and CONFIG_DM_CACHE=y) in kernel_menuconfig but it didn't help.

I reverted lvm2 package to commit eebe024835d27f8457005ba30817703435a11f18.

It works.

Reported here

At first glance, it looks like CONFIG_AIO is required.

edit: On a second glance, version 177 is still used on 18.06.1.

Oh it gets better. CONFIG_AIO=y is specified in target/generic/config-

But when compiling, the kernel that is built has CONFIG_AIO undefined.

Anyway, I have a workaround. Doesn't get rid of the message though.

That’s possible that 18.06.1 uses 177.
I had problem with one package from revision specified in feeds.conf - I couldn't download it so I updated to feeds to latest revision.