LUMA LED lights - permanent fix

I have installed LUMA with latest Openwrt thanks developers for making this happen.
I was wondering any further development has or could be done for the LED lights staying off permanently
Thanks for the continued support.

Here is only information I could find:;a=commit;h=e24635710c7e6444afa463c59f3d81fe634eb3c7.
Known issues
The LEDs ring doesn't have any dedicated driver or application to control
it, the only available option atm is to manipulate it with 'i2cset'
command. The default action after applying power to device is spinning
blue light. This light will stay active at all time. To disable it
install 'i2c-tools' with opkg and run:
i2cset -y 2 0x48 3 1 0 0 i
The light will stay off until next cold boot
Usage: led_ctl [status | upgrade | force_upgrade | version]
led_ctl solid COLOR
led_ctl single COLOR INDEX <brightness 0 - 15>
led_ctl spinning COLOR <period 1 - 16 (lower = faster)>
led_ctl fill COLOR <period 1 - 16 (lower = faster)>
( default is 5 )
led_ctl flashing COLOR <on dur 1 - 128> <off dur 1 - 128>
(default is 34) ( default is 34 )
led_ctl pulsing COLOR
COLOR: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, white

If you go back to stock you might find that led_ctl is a script, in that case you can see what it does or even run it on OpenWrt. Due to copyright it would be illegal to be re-distributed though.

If led_ctl is a binary it will be a lot more complicated to reverse-engineer, but since it looks like the LED control processor is set up by 4 numbers sent over the I2C bus (the 3 1 0 0 in the example i2cset command), try different numbers. It should become apparent what to send to get the light you want.

There's not going to be much developer interest since this work would only be applicable to a cosmetic feature of a single model that is no longer actively for sale.


Ok, thanks for the response.