LUCI-Wireless Tab missing, manual wireless config, LAN force DHCP

Hi guys, I'm still learning how to build a custom firmware. My issue is after I compiled the firmware and then flashed on my router, somehow LUCI-WIRELESS tab is missing, also I need to invoke
wifi config, install package kmod-mt76 and edit the /etc/config/wireless for it to work. In network LAN interface tab, I need to check the Force DHCP, in order for the DHCP to work. May I know what went wrong or lacking with my configuration? I thought using the official build is already configured or I might be wrong? Sorry for the noob questions guys but thank you if you can help me. Here's the command I used:

git clone
cd openwrt
git checkout v22.03.5
./scripts/feed update
./scripts/feed install -a
wget -O .config
make defconfig
make menuconfig (Target system already set to MT7621 / Device: Newifi-D2, LUCI is checked also, the rest is default)


when you go to menuconfig, is kmod-mt76 selected ?

Hello, thank you for the response, upon checking this is the status:

Should I change it to this [*] ? I actually leave them as default because I thought wifi driver is already configured when referencing the official build.

So a reboot made the Wireless tab appeared. Another thing I learned today, so even though I reference the official build, I still need to select the WIFI driver for the router before compiling, right? Now it leaves to the last issue about why I need to check the "FORCE DHCP" first even though LAN interface is the only one existed other than WAN interface, not really a big concern but just wondering if I did something wrong before compiling. Anyway, thank you.


i think you did something wrong here

best is to delete ".config" and start from scratch

there is too much driver selected

and about "M"
when "M" is selected, the module will be compiled, but NOT installed in final image
you could after that copy IPKs from your build dir to device and install

as i said
best is to erase .config, make clean, make menuconfig
then select your ARCH / Device
you will see that all necessary packages are already selected with star/asterisk "*"
this way, they are built into final image


Owh I see, did what you told and now everything is not set to M except the required modules for this device which is on asterisk now. I will recompile again. Thank you very much, I learned again today. :slightly_smiling_face:

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