LUCI web interface glitches under 19.07.2

Has anyone else found the the LUCI web interface is a lot more glitchy in the latest release?

I am finding I am frequently having to force-refresh pages as they hang while loading - this occasionally happened in previous versions, but is a regular occurance in 19.07.2.

Yes, i can confirm this behavior.
I have 2 devices running 19.07.2 which have trouble (i guess 1 in 4 times) of displaying the first page when opening Luci (sytem-status).
It seemed that earlier version of 19.07 were more stable, and 18.06 for sure.

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Hi folks, Thanks for these reports, but they're pretty vague. Would you supply a description of what you see, or screen shots that show the problem? That will go a long way to helping someone address them. Many thanks.


You are right, some more detail.

Maybe important to know is that I use Luci with the material-style.
Also, I login to my devices via a shortcut with the login and password already filled in so that Luci redirects to the status page (so no login screen).

The material style uses two distinct areas; a menu tree on the left and a detail page on the right.
When te glitch occurs the menu tree is fully build (so that's OK). But the detail page only shows the header (like the name of the system and i believe also the openwrt logo). The remainder of the detail page stays blanc.
I did not investigate if the glitch also occurs with the standard Luci style but on previous versions the glitch didn't occur with the material style. Also the glitch occurs on 2 different and independant systems (R7800 and Archer C7 v5).

Hope this clarifies things somewhat. As soon as I will see the glitch I will post an screen shot.

Yes, this is exactly the behavior I see also.

I am running on x86, uhttpd, https with material style. I don't have auto-login set up.

Symptoms are the same, on about 25% of requests, the main content section of page will not load, just showing the title bar and left menu. I seem to recall sometimes there is a 'loading...' placeholder in the content pane.

Refreshing the page typically fixes it, sometimes multiple refresh required. I have noticed it occurs more often on larger pages (status page, firewall rules page).

I suspect it is caused by;a=commitdiff;h=2ee323c01079248baa9465969df9e25b5fb68cdf

Please test if uci set uhttpd.main.http_keepalive=0; uci commit uhttpd; /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart helps.

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I managed to get a screenshot of the glitch.

Do you use luci-ssl or luci-ssl-openssl or no SSL at all? Also which router model?

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It's a Netgear R7800 (and an Archer C7 v5).
As far as i know i'm not using some form of SSL at al (access to Luci via http; not https).

Do you have some browser extensions that are possibly conflicting with some javascripts? Could you for the sake of experimenting try another browser?

I standard use the latest Firefox (74.0) with the following extensions added:

  • app.telemetry
  • ublock origin
  • zoom page WE

I will occasionally try to open Luci with the Edge browser and report back.

I also see similar behaviour since the new LuCI version has been deployed but specially in 19.07.x and which didn't happen on previous versions, specially before and including 17.x

Are there any errors in the javascript console in the browser?

I get this slow loading issue when I don't use a valid certificate e.g. when the browser prints a warning and I choose "continue anyway".
When I import the certificate and the browser doesn't print the warning anymore, Luci loads instant.

Are the people affected by this unreliable page loading issue using luci-ssl or luci-ssl-openssl? Does it happen with Chrome or with Firefox?

Right now, ustream-openssl (used by luci-ssl-openssl) is severely broken in conjunction with Chrome and self signed certs since Chrome exposes some ustream-ssl bugs due to its aggressive connection handling.

Yes this is with chrome.

In general or when the certificate is not properly imported?
Because in the past I always used self signed certificate. After I imported my CA root certificate, everything was fine.

The problem is general in nature but mainly manifests when certificates are not properly imported. See further details here:;a=commit;h=5e1bc3429cbf9c3be4db65ef5dbf21ea99cf5b95

@jow answering your question
I am not using any ssl at all and using Firefox as a browser.

This was happening on my R7800 on 19.07 (it worked OK on 18.06), and continued to happen on 21.02 that I just build manually from the branch (now with https).

To reproduce it I had to logout from the UI, and then log back in -> Status page stayed empty, even if there seemed to be periodic refresh AJAX calls going on.

uci set uhttpd.main.http_keepalive=0; uci commit uhttpd; /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart fixes it.

I also have this ”first page emty” fault with Firefox and luci-ssl-openssl with 19.07.7.

But I have never seen this as a fault in the first place since everything works and I can choose what page I want to see from the menu.