Luci "Unable to load log data" after embedded Lua setup

Hi openwrt people!

Minor problem here...

Context: OpenWRT 21.02.7 custom build with Luci working fine untill....

Trigger of the problem: followed this guide to set up LuCI with embedded Lua interpreter

Situation: Everything works fine except for Kernel / System logs on Luci (please see images)

from http://openwrt_local_ip/luci/admin/status/syslog

from http://openwrt_local_ip/luci/admin/status/dmesg

Additional info:
.both dmesg and logread work fine on ash
.the CGI version of both logs are functional

Seems like a very silly thing but I can´t solve it myself... My web programming skills are below zero.


This version is long since EOL and unsupported. It has many known security vulnerabilities and shouldn't be used anymore.

You should be working with 23.05.

Thank you for the warning.

I would love to be using v23.05 but this particular device is low on resources and won´t be able to handle it. On the other hand, the function of this router is not critical in terms of security.

Again, thanks for your concern.