LuCI TypeError

I have been trying to build an OpenWrt firmware, it builds successfully without errors. However, when I try to add or remove a network or a network interface using LuCI-web-interface I get TypeError
(see attached figure). So far I could not figure out what this error is about and why it happens and looking for your suggestion and help on how to overcome this issue.

Please make sure that you're using the latest LuCI master.

Thanks for answering. I pull latest feeds and install packages before running make menuconfig using the following commands

./scritps/feeds update -a

I think this ensures that I am using this latest LuCI master or I am missing something?

I was wondering because commit bd44189 referenced in your screenshot is almost one month old.

Oh, I got your point and you are right. The screenshot is from the one-month-old build. This could be a reason maybe that time there was an issue and later got fixed. I will trace if this issue got resolved in later versions.

Thank you. If not, I'll need more details such as the contents of /etc/config/wireless, /etc/config/network, the browser being used and the router model you've installed the build onto.

Yesterday, I built a new firmware and flashed the router, however, the TypeError issue still persists. I am using TP-Link WDR 4300 v1 router and Firefox browser.

Below are the snapshots of my Wireless and Network configurations files. They are pretty standard as one would get after flashing. I just chaged option disabled to '0'.

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce this. Which version of firefox are you running?

Thanks for testing it out. The issue was on my browser side. I updated it now from 28.0 to 66.0.3 and now it works. Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience.

Great to hear that! I might look into the issue with old Firefox versions if I find the time, maybe it is easy to solve.

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