Luci theme selector broken in snapshot?

I have just upgraded a x64 mini computer to the latest snapshot:
OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r21110-80a62a675d / LuCI Master git-22.297.83017-94dd7fd

In Luci, the theme selector seems broken as the theme always falls back to bootstrap. Dark and light modes seem to work indeed. Selecting another theme doesn't work (I use material). Furthermore, the select shows themes that are not even installed (openwrt, openwrt2020).

Can anyone confirm this wierd behavior?

Perhaps a bit of fallout from recent push of PR

I seem to have no issues switching between bootstrap, material, openwrt-2022 on a recent build.

This PR has more than a month. Everything was working fine in the mean time.

10 luci packages were upgraded today, so many luci codes have changed. Before you asked, I always upgrade by flashing a new build, no manual upgrade of packages.

I will install the same build on a fresh disk tomorrow (no settings), to see if I have the same behavior.

EDIT : I haven't waited. I installed the same build (default settings) on another PC. Material theme is already installed, and selecting it doesn't work either.

The material theme had an actual bug (templates in wrong directory) which caused LuCI to load the next best one.

As for displaying not installed themes, this is likely due to a left over /etc/config/luci.

Sounds reasonable.
I manually edited /etc/config/luci to remove the "left overs".
Just waiting for the next release. In the mean time everything is working fine, that's the most important.
Thank you.

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