LuCi Status->Overview section vanishing v21.02.2

I am getting a whole section of the LuCi Status -> Overview screen vanishing for no apparent reason. It's the "DSL" section which shows details of the DSL connection, the hardware side of the modem. The information missing includes details indicating quality of hardware function of that line.

I first noticed this with v21.02.2

My modem/router is functioning normally, even without this display I am getting a reliable connection, which leaves me with a feeling that this is a LuCi fault that nobody will notice if they don't look through that LuCi page. And check that specific LuCi page first

Of course the specific hardware/firmware could be significant.

1: OpenWRT version: v21.02.2
I have only seen this happen with this latest version, several hours after a re-boot.

2: Type of line: VDSL
I am in the UK, using a standard BT Fibre-to-the-Cabinet line. Strictly, the line is provided by Openreach (The BT wholesale arm), on wholesale to one of the many retail ISP/Phone operations.

3: Modem/Router hardware: BT Home Hub 5A lantiq XRX200
This is a reliable, if now rather old, package.

 Please check for the display fault, whether or not this is the hardware you are running, or whether you are using an ADSL or VDSL line, because there could be no other symptom apparent. If only lantiq-xrx200 hardware is checked it could be misleading.

It is possible that checking DSL settings in the LuCi -> Network -> Interfaces screen could revive the missing Status element.

I expect to see the DSL section in the LuCi screen presented after login. Some hours after a reboot, the DSL section vanishes, but the "Network" section remains, showing PPPoE in operation. Both these sections have an Uptime clock, and it's known that they run at different rates on lantiq hardware. Zero time on both is when the DSL connection is established.