Luci stats chart display

Is it possible to get the more detailed Luci statistics from 18.06 in 19.07? With the UI update, we lost a few nice features that existed in 18.06, at least this is what I'm seeing on my R7800.

  • CPU stats are not broken down by core anymore
  • CPU stats no longer include a breakdown by user, system, irq
  • related charts are no longer grouped on the same page, e.g. CPU freq was nice to see all core charts on a single page, it hurts usability to click back and forth between tabs. Same for the thermal zones, it helps to see all charts on a single page so you can quickly glance at it all.

Is there any work done in this area or are there any workarounds to get more usable charts? Thank you.

Did you keep your original luci-statistics configuration file from 18.06*? That might cause a few issues.

Here is my CPU graph from 19.07.1, looks like what you'd expect:

Hmm, yeah, I just switch back and forth between 18.06 and master using the same config. How can I reset the stats config to master defaults? That's what I'd like to see too, I wonder whether it depends on the device also. Are your temps also on the same page? On mine I see a dozen tabs that I have to click on to get each sensor.

Yeah, all my thermal sensor graphs are displayed on one page.

Can you login via SSH to your device and check if you have a file called luci_statistics-opkg in your /etc/config/ directory?

If it exists, you can replace your existing luci_statistics file with that one. It's the default configuration file that's created during package installation. Afterwards, you'll either need a restart. If you can't do that, you can stop the luci-statistics/collectd services, and cleanup the existing rrd files before starting the services again.

Keep a backup of your original config just in case.

There isn't one. Just luci and luci_statistics. Are you running 19.07 stable or master? I never tried 19.07 stable, just master builds from here that I flash using sysupgrade and keep my config. Should I be starting with a clean config? Trying to avoid it if I can as I don't want to redo VLANs, SSIDs, ...

master != 19.07 != 18.06 for luci-statistics. Which branch do you use exactly and which branch had the old expected behaviour? LuCI statistics has been completely rewritten in master during the last few weeks.

That might explain it. Is there a way to get "all on 1 page" stats on master? I've been mistakenly calling master 19.07 as I assumed that was the closest.

Not right now, will see if I can emulate the 18.06 behaviour

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Good to know it's not a config issue on my part. Hopefully it gets improved over time to make the stats more detailed, usable and reduce clicks.

Ideally I'd like to see a single page that has a bunch of charts, one quick look (instead of 20 clicks) and you get an idea how your router is doing:

  • System load
  • CPU usage (per core, with details user, system, irq)
  • CPU Freq (per core, on a single chart)
  • Temperatures (multiple per chart if there's a way to group zones in a way that makes sense)

This way it is also very easy to correlate events on the charts, e.g. jumps in temp, freq, ...

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I would like this too.
I'm replacing a FreshTomato router and the default openwrt pales in comparison.
It is severely lacking in logging and user-interface ease of use. :slight_smile:

@jow thanks for the improvements in the latest master. Can we please add more details to the Processor usage chart like we had in previous versions?