Luci_statistics timezone

Hi forum,

I'm wondering, why the graphs created by luci_statistcs and their plugins are showing the time on diagrams apparently in UTC (even though I set the timezone in /etc/config/system correctly to my timezone: Europe/Berlin).

Example: Time in Berlin is 23:30, graphs show last time 21:30 on time line

Thanks for an insight or a hint on a config fix on my side,

A. Siegert

Graphs show the correct time for me.
Make sure that you also have "timezone" ok. The zonename means nothing.

        option timezone 'EET-2EEST,M3.5.0/3,M10.5.0/4'
        option zonename 'Europe/Helsinki'

Hi hnyman,

yes, that did the trick, find your timezone option string here:


The string gets set if you change the timezone via LuCI

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