Luci-statistics no charts and collectd logspam

I just flashed 19.07.4 on my r7500v2 (AP only, works fine) but luci statistics isn't showing charts (I think I may just need to clear my browser cache as I just came off master...).

I'm also getting the following log spam

r7500v2 # logread
daemon.err collectd[1129]: Available write targets:: [none]

a quick hint to quiet the logspam (without an AP reboot if possible) would be appreciated...

EDIT: I think I stopped the logspam... forgot about migrating configs in /etc/config. After doing that and restarting luci it seems quiet now. I'll leave this topic open for a bit and then close if it does not reoccur.

yeah, at least on master for the rpi4 build i've been testing with an auto-package re-installer...

config sections for non-installed modules and specific plugins failuremode/information-given can vary ...

'ismodulenotinstalled>disable' into the init.d script which might be a usefull addition or some may prefer a top warning in luci informing user of enabled module that is not installed...

suppose you could argue that each module might better fail gracefully also... so far;

  • mod-contextswitch
  • iptables

prevent startup on existing config but no module present...

easy answer is each upgrade manually restart statistics and logread to double check no issues with each of the config sections...

( edit: no time sync is another more common reason for no graphs... although different os-versions may use non-identical codebase in this regard )

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Graphs are back and no more log spam so I think migrating the config files plus a browser cache flush did the trick.

I started out with a DIY script on the device to automate package reinstall. This works but I got annoyed doing that so now I use a custom bash script to automate imagebuilder and uci-defaults. This is a great combo for an almost effortless upgrade process; however, the scripts are already getting "byzantine" so I think I just get a little more disciplined about my config backups/restores.

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may i ask the specific luci_stat config that caused the issue in your case?

I did something like

mv luci_statistics luci_statistics.bak && mv luci_statistics-opkg luci_statistics 
mv collectd collectd.bak && mv collectd-opkg collectd
rm -fr /tmp/luci-* && /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart

so I don't know. If you are looking for something, I can try to restore a bak and see if I can narrow it down.

ok, so you went totally new... no biggie... yeah next time diff old VS new ( both luci_statistics and less likely collecd i suppose )...

just to see what the lil' bugger was that caused the issue... alot of packages insert migrate logic if something fundamental changes...

r7500v2 # diff collectd collectd.bak-master 
< #config plugin 'apcups'
< #     option enable '0'
< #     option Host 'localhost'
< #     option Port '3551'
< #config plugin 'curl'
< #     option enable '0'
< #config curl_page
< #     option name 'test'
< #     option url ''
< #config plugin 'iptables'
< #     option enable '1'
< #config iptables_match
< #     option table 'nat'
< #     option chain 'zone_wan_postrouting'
< #     option index '1'
< #     option name 'WLAN-Clients traffic'
< #config plugin 'network'
< #     option enable '1'
< #     option TimeToLive '128'
< #     option Forward '1'
< #     option CacheFlush '86400'
< #config network_listen
< #     option host ''
< #     option port '25826'
< #config network_server
< #     option host ''
< #     option port '25826'
< #config plugin 'ubi'
< #     option enable '0'
< #     list  Device 'ubi0'
< #     option IgnoreSelected '0'
< #config plugin 'vmem'
< #     option enable '0'
< #     option Verbose '0'

r7500v2 # diff luci_statistics luci_statistics.bak-master 
<       option RRARows '144'
>       option RRARows '100'
<       option RRATimespans '1hour 1day 1week 1month 1year'
>       list RRATimespans '1hour'
>       list RRATimespans '1day'
>       list RRATimespans '1week'
>       list RRATimespans '1month'
>       list RRATimespans '1year'
<       option enable '0'
< config statistics 'collectd_syslog'
<       option enable '0'
<       option LogLevel 'warning'
<       option NotifyLevel 'WARNING'
<       option ReportByState '1'
>       option ReportByState '1'
<       option ValuesPercentage '0'
<       list Interfaces 'wlan0-1'
<       list Interfaces 'wlan1'
<       list Interfaces 'wlan1-1'
<       option ValuesAbsolute '1'
<       option ValuesPercentage '0'
<       list UPS 'myupsname'
>       option UPS 'myupsname'
> config statistics 'collectd_openvpn'
> config statistics 'collectd_syslog'
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