Luci statistics lte signal

i'm working on some statistics about the rf signal for my lte modem huawei me909
i wrote a little C program (i'm not so skilled , then i'm sure i've made a lot of mistake) to speak with the modem and convert the lte/wcdma report (at^HCSQ?) into putval response , and then convert in some graphical form

here the C program , based on an idea taken from atinout program

and here the output


here my website, with an article i'm writing (in italian language)(work in progress...)


Looks good.
Please make it also in English. :wink:

i hope to make an english version and add it to the wiki page , as soon as possible (before the linux day conference)

A simple ping graph would be a nice addon as well

sorry but i don't undestund your question? collectd has ping plugin

Nice idea! How are you communicating with the modem? Are you using AT commands, or some utility?

i wrote a small C program that comunicate with the modem via /dev/ttyUSB , and format the signal in collectd format
the modem on /dev/ttyUSB2 has a serial comunication port that recognize the AT command