Luci ssl installed by default

I read somewhere that openwrt 20 will have luci ssl installed by default. Can anyone confirm?

Will this require using or something else to use letEncrypt to set things up or will it just work out of the box?

When can I expect the first release candidate for this release?

I'm not sure about if it would be included - Snapshot images, for example, don't. However, currently luCi uses self-signed certs for things, although I'm sure you could setup a LE-Acme system if you felt the need to (I don't see a reason for it since self-signed is just as good as a LE cert, just warns it's self-signed.)

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As others pointed out before, the default behaviour will be a self signed certificate.

I've installed luci-app-acme and acme-dnsapi (or whatever it's called) to generate a cert for (ofc my own domain), and setup DNS redirection that points to my 192.168.. router IP.

Luci SSL is listed as "optional" in the release goals for 21.02, not sure what that implies (since as of now there is only 1 image per device? Are they gonna come up with two separate no-ssl image and ssl image?)

optional HTTPS for LuCI web interface

Most likely, it won't come with luCi at all, and you'll install it via opkg update && opkg install luci-ssl if you want it after installation, or bundle it in an image builder if you are going that route.

I think he/she was talking about the 21.02 RELEASE, which should have Luci by default :slight_smile:


Thanks @dominick-han for that clarification!

I've never actually installed a Release image.. All my images have been either Snapshots or self-built from the tree.. Interesting that luCi is included by default, but makes sense from a general user standpoint.

I haven't yet ventured into building my own images or using opkg, just using the releases as they come, so it'll be nice to have this included in the default image :slight_smile:

I didn't notice any dates on that release goals page. Any hint as to when it'll be ready? Also, we're skipping from 19 to 21? What happened to 20?

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Ah, I see the confusion here
18.06/19.07/21.02 are just year/month when release branch is cut from master/trunk

They had just cut the new release in February, so the next release will be called 21.02