Luci - show associated stations on "secondary" SSIDs


I'm using multiple SSIDs on both 2.4 and 5GHz interfaces, but under Network -> Wireless only the associated stations on primary interfaces are listed.

I can get the associated stations in CLI using e.g. iwinfo wlan0-2 assoclist, but luci only shows the list of clients from wlan0 and wlan1.

Is there any way for the web interface to show clients from all the SSIDs? I'm not afraid of editing some files on the router itself and if needed submit a pull request :slight_smile:

If luci should already show all of these then there is a problem somewhere else. I should note that also above in the wireless overview the secondary SSIDs show "Wireless is not associated" when I know for a fact that there are clients connected to them.

I'm getting somewhere!

luci gets the list of interfaces to check for associated clients via ubus by calling the status method of network.wireless, checking the list of interfaces for each radio and taking those that have "ifname" parameter.

Unfortunately this parameter is not present on secondary SSIDs, also settings it in the configuration (interface configuration -> advanced settings -> interface name) only puts it in the "config"->"ifname", which is not checked.

To me it seems obvious to change the code in rpc_luci_get_wireless_devices_cb() in /openwrt/luci/blob/master/libs/rpcd-mod-luci/src/luci.c but I'm wondering if this will have some unforseen consequences :slight_smile:

Any pointers appreciated. Also, how do I build only this file (to create rpcd-mod-luci)? I don't want to build the whole of openwrt for testing.