LuCI set selected value in dropdown menu

I'm hoping someone can help me with a FIXME in my current code, based on LuCI 19.04. I just want this value to, on render, have the currently set value selected, instead of whichever one is on top. That is, without my workaround, even if the service is "disabled", the dropdown box has "Enabled" selected, because it is in there first.

I have tried using enabled.default = status and enabled.value = status, but neither of those have had the desired effect.

status = luci.sys.exec("uci get openwisp.monitoring")
enabled = m:field(ListValue, "enabled", "Status", "Turn the OpenWISP service on or off")
-- Tried these two --
-- enabled.default = status
-- enabled.value = status
-- FIXME: hackey workaround to conditionally render the selected dropdown value
if string.match(status, "monitoring") then
	enabled:value("monitoring", "Enabled")
	enabled:value("disabled", "Disabled")
	enabled:value("disabled", "Disabled")
	enabled:value("monitoring", "Enabled")