Luci session expired loop on mir3g 19.07.4

I've updated firmware of my Xiaomi router 3G (v1) from 19.07.0 to 19.07.4 and now I can't login to luci. Error shown:

Session expired
A new login is required since the authentication session expired.

There's also following error in console:

luci.js?v=git-20.247.75781-0d0ab01:154 Uncaught (in promise) SessionError: Login session is expired
at notifySessionExpiry (
at async Promise.all (index 0)
at Object.raise (
at notifySessionExpiry (
at async Promise.all (index 0)
raise @ luci.js?v=git-20.247.75781-0d0ab01:154
notifySessionExpiry @ luci.js?v=git-20.247.75781-0d0ab01:193
Promise.catch (async)
init @ luci.js?v=git-20.247.75781-0d0ab01:150
LuCIClass @ luci.js?v=git-20.247.75781-0d0ab01:11
(anonymous) @ (index):38

Does anyone know how to find a root cause or how to fix this issue?

@invine, welcome to the community!

Have you tried clearing your browser's cache?

Yes, I tried clearing browser's cache, use incognito mode, tried logging in from different device, etc. No luck

Facing Same issue. I just changed some color code in openwrt-theme and built ipk again. After installing it whenever i go to login page the session expred pop up keeps coming up which prevents me from logging in. Any solution ?