luCi - Save mtdblock contents error

The luCi interface is insisting that I have an MTD device and I cannot change things under Flash Operations.

It will not let me save anything from the page because it tells me it expects a non-empty value. Did I include something in the compile that I shouldn't have?


Which router?
Does it have normal mtd and mtd partitions?

Is your actualy problem that you do not have mtd at all, and that disables the flash page for you? I do not quite get your actual meaning/problem from your text...

Unsupported Itus Shield build from master r13612+4-472b8fc91b

My issue is that luCi's Admin interface seems to think I do have MTD devices (I'm assuming, since it is giving me the "option" to Save it) but I don't. It errors when I attempt to make changes to the Configuration tab to save custom paths because the Validation says the MTD drop down Expects a non-empty value..