Luci "RPC call to uci/get failed with ubus code 9: Unspecified error" – oh no... at least specify something?!

Recently have been working on getting a build environment set up on Mac OS 10.15.7, which has been a bit of a hassle but have it pretty well functional now. Unfortunately I've run into a few modules that failed to build in my environment, that I either couldn't figure out how to resolve or I just gave up immediately and excluded them to try to get the build working. I got the build to complete and my device (NanoPi R1) flashed and booting, but I had to remove some modules (one of which I'm suspicious might be causing this is hwinfo?), but there are a few areas in Luci that give:

RPC call to uci/get failed with ubus code 9: Unspecified error

at the top of the page and refuse to load any further. System > System, System > LEDs, and maybe a few others I'm forgetting. When I try to read System Logs it just sits at "Loading logs" for a bit and then an empty text area is displayed.

Any idea if removing hwinfo could cause this? How can I get more info on this "code 9 unspecified error"? The only thing google turns up is the source code with that string in it... that's usually when I know I've hit an error so rare and esoteric that I'm screwed! :joy:

Just built a new image on the Ubuntu VM, re-enabled hwinfo and the other packages I could think of that might be causing this (but using the same .config). Hwinfo compiled fine (as expected under Ubuntu) but no luck, System > System still giving:

RPC call to uci/get failed with ubus code 9: Unspecified error
  handleCallReply@[native code]
  promiseReactionJob@[native code]

I've been doing something of a crash course in how LuCI works and while I've got a modest background in Java (mostly enterprise EDI, etc) I'm finding it a bit esoteric to hope that I'll be able to figure out what's going on without a more detailed description of the error. Browser js console shows no more useful information. I suppose I should continue to attempt stepping through the js on page load and making sense of where this issue is, but I'm thinking even though the js is throwing it, if it's RPC it won't be the js that's causing it. That's where I'm not sure how to debug this...

Welp... that was silly, had a typo in /etc/config/system, which I noticed because the hostname wasn't being picked up from it. Removed that config file and let OpenWrt re-create it on the next boot and the issue is resolved. Still curious to know where I should be looking for logs if/when this sort of issue happens in the future. System log seemed to be empty, but that may have been caused by the failure to read the system config file? Hopefully logs are also working better now lol.

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