Luci removed settings from /etc/config/dhcp

Hi folks!

I pressed "save & apply" in the "dhcp and dns" settings in Luci without making changes.
Now 4 options in /etc/config/dhcp are missing:

option boguspriv '1'
option filterwin2k '0'
option nonegcache '0'
option nonwildcard '1'

For example "nonegcache" is unchecked in Luci, when I check and save, than

option nonegcache '1'

is written to the config file.

So I think this is correct and "option nonegcache" is set to "false" "in the background", but I don't know if this is a normal behaviour or not?

Thanks in advice, gueni

LuCI may remove from config file unnecessary options that have their default values.

(Some default config files contain such options, which are not be actually needed. )


So it's not a bug, it's a feature :smile:
Ok, thank you!

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