LUCI Patch Sets?

Is there a known collection of patches for Luci or something? I am new to OpenWrt, so maybe my search terms are off, but I can't seem to find anything. I saw the post below, where someone showed a patch for Luci that adds the option to manage dhcp tags:

He mentions it's not in master yet, implying there is an associated git repo somewhere? Someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks!

@systemcrash, where's your stuff ? :wink:

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I think here: ?

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Yep. They are in the dhcp_redesign_phase2 branch.

I anticipate to finish the PR text later this evening.

Testing welcome, since these DHCP tags are generally an under-the-hood tool provided by dnsmasq, so it's not impossible that bugs exist, although I've tested it a fair bit.

Edit: PR ready.


Or for a more general/ generic answer,

Thanks guys. So I see that some of the modified files in that PR are located in both /rom/www and /www on my router. I know /rom is read-only. Would changes I make in /www persist across reboots? Or is there another method I should be using if I want to pull these changes into my system now?