Luci over HTTPS, creating certificate

I'm looking for someone to help me to create an HTTPS certificate for Luci. I'm new at this stuff. Please don't leave me alone here :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Not sure if you can see this post, since you blacklisted me :slight_smile: but will do it for you.

Unless you already have some idea of what you should be doing then it's far easier to just click past any SSL warnings in your browser on the odd occasion you need to access your router.

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Yes, you're right but I want to learn how to do and that's what this forum is here for. Right? This page explains how but still someone help me I guess... I have already made some progress but still need help.

[OpenWrt Wiki] How to get rid of LuCI HTTPS certificate warnings

Where are you stuck? What have you tried and where did it go wrong?

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uci set uhttpd.main.redirect_https=1
uci commit uhttpd
service uhttpd reload

Only creating a certificate and uploading left.

Other than installing the packages have you tried to follow the instructions on the page you linked to?


That's the main problem. I don't understand the instructions. Quite confusing. Will you help mi or not?

What don't you understand about them? Have you made any attempt to follow them?

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If you can't be bothered making any effort to help yourself you won't find many people here willing to assist.

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Because you either can't or won't answer

If you had made an effort, i.e. making an attempt to follow the instructions on the page you linked to, then you'd be able to answer and people, including me, would be able/willing to assist you.

I'm not sure what exactly you are expecting with the attitude you have. People aren't going to do everything for you, nor are they likely to repeat instructions that are already available to you.