LUCI OpenVPN configuration presets

I tried all 6 configuration presets in luci-openvpn.
Each one has a pre-defined option which may conflict and can only be removed through ssh.
The option secret can not be removed even when not showing in LUCI
The option dh, pkcs12 in their respective preset profiles also are not removable through luci, even when not shown.
It might be good to have a future version have a "blank" preset where all parameters need to be configured through luci without them being non removable.

It's recommended to configure OpenVPN via SSH only, using the luci-app-openvpn only for checking it's status via LuCI.

  • Attempting to configure OpenVPN via luci-app-openvpn is convoluted and will take one vastly longer than if configuring it via SSH.

If looking for a quick get-up-and-running solutions, see OpenVPN (Server Setup), whereas if looking for a comprehensive walk through, see OpenVPN Server (Comprehensive).