LuCi on Snapshot (imagebuilder - kernel related package versions)

Hello! I'm have issue on Snapshot with GL.Inet AR150 when I'm build firmware and try to install Luci.

Collected errors:

satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for luci:
opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package luci.

It's start a few month ago. Before every build I'm update imagebuilder


Yep, I'm replace list of packages to luci only and error still

Then why not build it with LuCI installed?

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I am no imagebuilder specialist, but that error relates to having a different version of the package in the download repo than the package list claims.

Specifically that libip4tc2 is related to "iproute2" package family that has partially kernel-dependent packages.

I am not sure if you actually "update" the kernel related packages in the imagebuilder, so it leads into version mixup.

Best way is probably to purge your download dir, download a completely new imagebuilder, and then try again.

Even better would be to build everything from scratch by yourself, so that all packages are surely from the same moment.

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I'm try to clean up. Choose a different folder for all files. And try to build without any specified packages:

satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for firewall:

It's look like not only Luci problem

I suspect a problem with your install or "stale data" of some sort

jeff@deb-devel:~/_tmp$ wget

jeff@deb-devel:~/_tmp$ tar xf openwrt-imagebuilder-ath79-generic.Linux-x86_64.tar.xz

jeff@deb-devel:~/_tmp$ cd openwrt-imagebuilder-ath79-generic.Linux-x86_64/

jeff@deb-devel:~/_tmp/openwrt-imagebuilder-ath79-generic.Linux-x86_64$ make image PROFILE=glinet_gl-ar750 PACKAGES="luci"
Checking 'working-make'... ok.
Building images...
Parallel mksquashfs: Using 1 processor
Creating 4.0 filesystem on /home/jeff/_tmp/openwrt-imagebuilder-ath79-generic.Linux-x86_64/build_dir/target-mips_24kc_musl/linux-ath79_generic/root.squashfs, block size 262144.
Pseudo file "/dev" exists in source filesystem "/home/jeff/_tmp/openwrt-imagebuilder-ath79-generic.Linux-x86_64/build_dir/target-mips_24kc_musl/root-ath79/dev".
Ignoring, exclude it (-e/-ef) to override.
[=========================================================================================================================================================/] 872/872 100%

Exportable Squashfs 4.0 filesystem, xz compressed, data block size 262144
	compressed data, compressed metadata, compressed fragments,
	no xattrs, compressed ids
	duplicates are removed
Filesystem size 2824.93 Kbytes (2.76 Mbytes)
	35.32% of uncompressed filesystem size (7996.98 Kbytes)
Inode table size 8326 bytes (8.13 Kbytes)
	21.47% of uncompressed inode table size (38780 bytes)
Directory table size 11230 bytes (10.97 Kbytes)
	46.18% of uncompressed directory table size (24316 bytes)
Number of duplicate files found 120
Number of inodes 1174
Number of files 871
Number of fragments 22
Number of symbolic links  193
Number of device nodes 1
Number of fifo nodes 0
Number of socket nodes 0
Number of directories 109
Number of ids (unique uids + gids) 1
Number of uids 1
	unknown (0)
Number of gids 1
	unknown (0)
3700+1 records in
3700+1 records out
1894834 bytes (1.9 MB, 1.8 MiB) copied, 0.0220791 s, 85.8 MB/s
28+1 records in
29+0 records out
1900544 bytes (1.9 MB, 1.8 MiB) copied, 0.000949284 s, 2.0 GB/s
5649+1 records in
5649+1 records out
2892730 bytes (2.9 MB, 2.8 MiB) copied, 0.0287157 s, 101 MB/s
padding image to 004a0000

Calculating checksums...

Edit: Rechecking with make image PROFILE=glinet_gl-ar150 PACKAGES="luci"

Edit: Works for make image PROFILE=glinet_gl-ar150 PACKAGES="luci" as well.

The OP is using AR150 while you tried AR750. I remember having similar issues when some packages failed to build by the build bot.

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My error was here:
ath79 - platform in snapshot for glinet ar150 and ar71xx in stable release (19.07.0-rc2). Thanks a lot!


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