Luci not showing anymore active Wireguard Clients after update (package upgrade with opkg)

@MooMan - I'm kind of speechless, honestly. I'm not making this stuff up. I just told you that updates should be done as part of a sysupgrade (i.e. flash upgrade to the next version). Others who are experienced with OpenWrt (such as @lleachii, @jeff, @tmomas) will confirm this.

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Backup, flash a new image, reinstall packages, if needed.

About once a year a change in a commonly used API brings a slew of these threads. There are also ones about people who soft-brick their device (r/o overlay) by trying to upgrade packages and overflow flash capacity.

Some suggestions on a safe, smooth upgrade at


I'm going to directly answer your question:

I don't seem to do this in-place upgrading on my OpenWrt devices in the manner you desire, so I don't know of a safe way to do so. I am aware that what you're doing may brick my router or make it unstable - even if it has enough flash. Since I'm under the impression that this upgrading was the cause of the issue (which I obviously seemed confused about above) - I'm wondering why it still seems like a good idea to you.

There are many threads where people upgrade their router to an unstable condition.

I suggest as @jeff:

You could also: backup, reset to default the current flash; and then re-install packages; but this all seems quite tedious to me.

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OK, I always thought, opkg update works like Updateing MacOS or mistake, I will not update anything anymore untill new Releases are out! In reality, I think, this is a very week point of this great Firmware... that you cant update (yes you can, but will possible break things, I understood!!) ...I hope, thre comes a solution in future, where you just can make a update like to a modern Desktop OS.

Thank to everyone declaring this to me, Ill not update anything anymore on OpenWRT except there comes a new Release!

No problem...but there seems to be a juxtaposition in your desires...that I would solve by constantly installing snapshots and then immediately installing all needed packages.

  • There's an inherent risk from installing from that branch, which is why it seems you agree with release builds
  • but, you get the "up-to date software" to seem to desire - as like in a desktop distribution (it seems)
  • I would advise to do this locally - for devices where I cannot, I own a test device and perform the upgrade on it first

This closely aligns with what I believe @jeff to have suggested. I'm just glad you understand that much worse could have happened upgrading a tunnel remotely. You'll learn for yourself if you have to drive kilometers and kilometers because of it.

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