LuCI login broken in master?

I built a testing image (malta be32) from current master and proceeded to log in via Luci, but after accepting my password I see the error below.

Is this a known Luci issue? Has anyone else encountered this? @jow ?

The related directory/file seems to be there, although "luaindex.htm" is new I believe...

root@OpenWrt:/# find / -name admin_status -type d -exec ls {} \;

Likely already fixed, unless you have ran into a new variant.
(Got broken 2 days ago, fixed yesterday)

If you still see the bug, check which exact LuCI revision hash you have?

LuCI commit history


Thanks for highlighting... overlooked that.

I was using a newer LuCI from but it missed the latest fix from several hours ago. Now working after updating.

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