LuCI JS APP: Luci-app-modemband (Set LTE bands for selected 4G modems)

Hi, I created next small LuCI app.

Luci-app-modemband is a My GUI for A program to set LTE bands for selected 4G modems.

Thanks for the modemband application to @cezary.

Modem drivers are required for proper operation.
kmod-usb-serial kmod-usb-serial-option

sms-tool_2021-12-03-d38898f4-1 modemband_20220404

Please treat this package as a curiosity/experiment, a package for testing.

Supported devices:
- BroadMobi BM806U
- Dell DW5821e Snapdragon X20 LTE (Foxconn T77W968)
- Fibocom L850-GL
- Fibocom L850-GL in mbim mode
- Fibocom L860-GL
- HP lt4220 (Foxconn T77W676)
- HP lt4220 (Foxconn T77W676) in mbim mode
- Huawei (various models) in serial mode
  - Huawei E3272/E3372/E3276
  - Huawei ME906s
  - Huawei ME909s-120
  - Huawei ME909s-821
  - Huawei ME909s-821a
  - Huawei ME909u-521
- Quectel EC20
- Quectel EC25
- Quectel EG06-E
- Quectel EM12-G
- Quectel EM160R-GL
- Quectel EP06-E
- Quectel RG502Q-EA
- Telit LN940 (Foxconn T77W676)
- Telit LN940 (Foxconn T77W676) in mbim mode
- Telit LN960 (Foxconn T77W968)
- ZTE MF286 (router)
- ZTE MF286A (router)
- ZTE MF286D (router)
- ZTE MF286R (router)

Preview (version 1.0.12-20220404 & modem Quectel EM160R-GL)

Enlarge the page to see the movie with better quality. (CTRL +)

Application version (1.0.12-20220404):

Older versions Application version (1.0.12-20220325): [modemband_20220313_all.ipk]( [luci-app-modemband_1.0.12-20220325_all.ipk](

Application version (1.0.12-20220306):

Do you have another type of modem? Would you like to add support for it?
Send PR/mail with description:
- exact name of modem and ew version number
- VID and PID identifier on the USB bus
- serial port used for communication with the modem ("diagnostic")
- AT command to read the set bands together with an example result
- an AT command to set specific bands
- a list of all bands that can be set on the modem

The latest version always on


Hello, .thank you for sharing your project that is so interesting. now I use ZBT WG1602 run OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r19227-4551bfd91f / LuCI Master git-22.058.70382-d29400e .and try its but can not install . can do you help me?
Thank you.

Hi @SunyarnDEE ,
I assume you have a supported modem (or want to have a supported one). The modemband package uses the sms-tool package (requires in dependencies), which is not normally found in the OpenWrt repository and has to be specifically compiled for a particular device architecture.

If on forum there is no sms-tool version for your device you have to compile everything yourself by adding manually packages sms-tool, modemband, luci-app-modmband.

Ok....complete total newb here (less than a week with OpenWrt). Is this possible for the ZBT Links WG1608 with the EP06-A? It has the and this version of OpenWrt: Powered by LuCI Master (git-22.189.49133-e193259). If so I would need a step by step instruction of how to achieve this (ie. If something needs to be added to the would I do it?)

Hi @Tauz
Simply speaking:
If you have an image downloaded from the link

you do:

opkg update
opkg install wget
wget -O /tmp/luci-app-modemband_1.0.15 -20220720_all.ipk
opkg install /tmp/luci-app-modemband_1.0.15-20220720_all.ipk

I will be building new images for myself during the week, so there will be a package upgrade to github.

Hi @Tauz
If the modem was not supported, write, because I see that you have a slightly different version and I do not know if there are other differences apart from the bands.

I am new to doing anything with AT commands, so your app seems like a great option. Would you be able to make it work for a Quectel RM500Q-AE or will it already work with it?

Hi @keldon00 , prepare everything needed to add support for the modem, as it is described on my github or on the forum Then write a message on the forum or on the github.

You can also find a hint above at the beginning of the topic.

I can't install ipk file for openwrt 22.03 version. Can you post ipk file for xiaomi mi r3g v1 ?

Hi @dtthhoanglong , my package is not available in the repository.

You need to download and install the sms-tool package

Then you need to download files from my github

or add my repository

and install packages from there.

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