LuCI JS APP: Luci-app-modemband (Set LTE bands for selected 4G modems)

Hi, I created next small LuCI app.

Luci-app-modemband is a My GUI for A program to set LTE bands for selected 4G modems.

Thanks for the modemband application to @cezary.

Modem drivers are required for proper operation.
kmod-usb-serial kmod-usb-serial-option

sms-tool_2021-12-03-d38898f4-1 modemband_20220404

Please treat this package as a curiosity/experiment, a package for testing.

Supported devices:
- BroadMobi BM806U
- Dell DW5821e Snapdragon X20 LTE (Foxconn T77W968)
- Fibocom L850-GL
- Fibocom L850-GL in mbim mode
- Fibocom L860-GL
- HP lt4220 (Foxconn T77W676)
- HP lt4220 (Foxconn T77W676) in mbim mode
- Huawei (various models) in serial mode
  - Huawei E3272/E3372/E3276
  - Huawei ME906s
  - Huawei ME909s-120
  - Huawei ME909s-821
  - Huawei ME909s-821a
  - Huawei ME909u-521
- Quectel EC20
- Quectel EC25
- Quectel EG06-E
- Quectel EM12-G
- Quectel EM160R-GL
- Quectel EP06-E
- Quectel RG502Q-EA
- Telit LN940 (Foxconn T77W676)
- Telit LN940 (Foxconn T77W676) in mbim mode
- Telit LN960 (Foxconn T77W968)
- ZTE MF286 (router)
- ZTE MF286A (router)
- ZTE MF286D (router)
- ZTE MF286R (router)

Preview (version 1.0.12-20220404 & modem Quectel EM160R-GL)

Enlarge the page to see the movie with better quality. (CTRL +)

Application version (1.0.12-20220404):

Older versions Application version (1.0.12-20220325): [modemband_20220313_all.ipk]( [luci-app-modemband_1.0.12-20220325_all.ipk](

Application version (1.0.12-20220306):

Do you have another type of modem? Would you like to add support for it?
Send PR/mail with description:
- exact name of modem and ew version number
- VID and PID identifier on the USB bus
- serial port used for communication with the modem ("diagnostic")
- AT command to read the set bands together with an example result
- an AT command to set specific bands
- a list of all bands that can be set on the modem

The latest version always on


Hello, .thank you for sharing your project that is so interesting. now I use ZBT WG1602 run OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r19227-4551bfd91f / LuCI Master git-22.058.70382-d29400e .and try its but can not install . can do you help me?
Thank you.

Hi @SunyarnDEE ,
I assume you have a supported modem (or want to have a supported one). The modemband package uses the sms-tool package (requires in dependencies), which is not normally found in the OpenWrt repository and has to be specifically compiled for a particular device architecture.

If on forum there is no sms-tool version for your device you have to compile everything yourself by adding manually packages sms-tool, modemband, luci-app-modmband.

Ok....complete total newb here (less than a week with OpenWrt). Is this possible for the ZBT Links WG1608 with the EP06-A? It has the and this version of OpenWrt: Powered by LuCI Master (git-22.189.49133-e193259). If so I would need a step by step instruction of how to achieve this (ie. If something needs to be added to the would I do it?)

Hi @Tauz
Simply speaking:
If you have an image downloaded from the link

you do:

opkg update
opkg install wget
wget -O /tmp/luci-app-modemband_1.0.15 -20220720_all.ipk
opkg install /tmp/luci-app-modemband_1.0.15-20220720_all.ipk

I will be building new images for myself during the week, so there will be a package upgrade to github.

Hi @Tauz
If the modem was not supported, write, because I see that you have a slightly different version and I do not know if there are other differences apart from the bands.

I am new to doing anything with AT commands, so your app seems like a great option. Would you be able to make it work for a Quectel RM500Q-AE or will it already work with it?

Hi @keldon00 , prepare everything needed to add support for the modem, as it is described on my github or on the forum Then write a message on the forum or on the github.

You can also find a hint above at the beginning of the topic.

I can't install ipk file for openwrt 22.03 version. Can you post ipk file for xiaomi mi r3g v1 ?

Hi @dtthhoanglong , my package is not available in the repository.

You need to download and install the sms-tool package

Then you need to download files from my github

or add my repository

and install packages from there.

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I attempted to install the sms-tool with the link you provided but there is an error returned when using the LUCI Software page.

Collected errors:
 * wfopen: No such file or directory.
 * pkg_init_from_file: Failed to extract control file from

Also instructions on how to install the modemband luci app in OWRT is requested. The modem in use is in the list of integrated modems. Router is a ZBT 1608 and Modem Fibocom L860.


I don't know how to describe the package installation process in a simpler / more understandable way.
Please, start reading the instructions, and don't say it doesn't work, can't be installed, etc.
The manual is there (, it even explains step by step.

If you can't install (sms-tool) from the link, download the package manually and install it manually. Everything works here, you just have to read and read and read.

The opkg on your firmware does not support SSL. Try replacing the https:// with http:// in the package url.

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