LuCI Issues with Broadcom Cards


To save me some time, I'm copying the intro from another post. I've recently put together a box to be an all-in-one router sort of deal so that I can have greater control over my network. However, there seem to be a couple of issues with the hardware that I selected in that it doesn't seem to want to be detected by the OS. The Ultimate goal of this build is to create an exceptionally powerful all-in-one router combo system.

Base System Specs:
Core- i7 7700K
SSD- 256GB M.2
Built-in Intel 1Gbit and 10gbit Ethernet via Intel Networking Chipsets.

Add on cards:
2x Silicom PEG6 with Broadcom Chipset (6 port gigabit ethernet port adapter card)
2x Asia RF AW7916 Wifi 6E mini-PCIE with adapter cards

When attempting to access LuCI with the Broadcom network cards installed, LuCI seems to hang and refuse the connection. Looking at it on the command line, I can see that all points are available, but LuCI fails to load the more friendly web interface.

I am using a snapshot build (Tue Jan 17 01:08:57 2023), and I am willing to attribute it to "buggy software build," but I've tried all sorts of port combinations, and it works great when not having the network cards in.

Thank you for your time.

Is that by serial or SSH? When more network cards are added, eth0 may become one of the ports on a new card instead of on the motherboard. An x86 with more than one port starts up with one port as lan and one as wan and any others are inactive until they are added to the /etc/config/network configuration.

SSH would work the same as http, unless of course you're using a snapshot build and have not installed Luci. Then port 80 is connection refused.

By attempting to access through LuCI via ethernet (I can't tell if it's SSH or some sort of serial emulation, the system does not have a serial port). Interestingly enough, I attempted to access the computer and got the LuCI directory and not LuCI itself. I remove the cards, and the problem goes away.