LuCI is not part of images created by image builder

Is LuCI not by default part of the image you create with image builder?

For my router TP-Link C5 v5, I have created "no extra" factory and sysupgrade images with this command

luna@ub18-em:~$ make image PROFILE=tplink_archer-c7-v5

as is described in more detail in this earlier post of mine:

Image building fails with many "collected errors" [19.07.8 ib]

Today I applied the resulting sysupgrade bin to the router and got this result:

  • Router gives me Internet access fine.
  • Router is accessible from Terminal by SSH.
  • But pointing the browser to gives: "This site can’t be reached192.168.1.1 refused to connect."
  • I notice that the sysupgrade bin that I created and applied (at 4.1 MB) is some 0.4 MB smaller than the one I downloaded (at 4.5 MB), i.e.:


If LuCI is not by default part of an image created by image maker, please advise which packages I should include in the make image command. I got as far as the following User Guide.

But there are many alternative sets of packages (e.g. basic vs. extended), and I do not know which set (if any) would give me the same LuCI as I had with the downloaded "release" 19.07.8 firmware.

If LuCI should have been part of the images I created, then what could have gone wrong? What should I do differently? Thanks.

"luci" is enough. It pulls the dependencies...

(Or luci-ssl)

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Yes that’s right that luci isn’t a standard package in imagebuilder.
You need to include the luci (and luci-ssl if you whant https) package.

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Thank you. Is there any other (significant) package that is part of a downloaded image but goes missing from a "no extra packages" creation of image builder?

The release images are pretty much the default for each device plus LuCI.
It is then upto you to select the extra add-on packages that you want/need.


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