LuCI - Interoperate Lua/Python

Hi all,
I was wondering if it there is a standardized way to interoperate Lua and Python to fulfill requests from the LuCI Web interface over CGI.
From what I read this looks a bit against the standardization philosophy of LuCI (and UCI), but I'm not quite a Lua lover, so it would be really convenient to develop a LuCI module in Python (maybe a light Flask app).
The solution I though of right now is registering an extension to be handled by python, then register my module to LuCI via Lua and redirect the traffic to the python CGI handler which is sent to the Flask app -- although is quite expensive, and python over CGI is quite horrible performance wise.

Thanks for your time and help

I believe the default uhttpd instance is ran with the Lua parser, however you can run another uhttpd instance (or just don't run the luci one at all) with the python parser (instead of ash as here:

Depdending on how you want to "interoperate" the two, running an instance each for lua and python might be a solution for you.

Thanks for your suggestion, looks like a viable one.
I'll take it into account when deciding what do eventually