Luci Interface

Hi I have installed the lastest version of openwrt and I have a question.

Does the luci web interface and and /etc/config/ files change according to the hardware used?
If yes, how can I force a particular hardware?

So far I know, no. I have 4 different hardwares and the LuCI interface is equal on all.
The only difference is in cofiguration of diferent hardware of the routers.

which are the different type? can I force to use a particular type of configuration? I'm aware that all can't work, my interest is only have the files in /etc/config with the type I want...

Anything that depends on hardware will likely change between different routers. Off the top of my head, this includes at least:

  • Wireless device references
  • Switch configuration
  • Single-phy vs. dual-phy (Ethernet) devices

Also, IP addresses will change between devices, just because they "can't" all have the same address.

Luci is just a gui. It only edits existing configuration files, but it does not create new ones from air.

Configuration files are created in the firmware creation phase. And network and wireless then at first boot based on hardware detection. But there is nothing special.

Yes, to some extent:

/etc/board.d/ scripts for defining device-specific default hardware, like leds and network interfaces.

Thank you at all, it means also the syntax of configuration file change? Or is equal to every AP? Maybe some AP can be have more line than other for functionalities, but equal right?

The syntax is UCI-compatible and it doesn't change.
But number of sections, options and their values by default may vary.
It shouldn't affect functionality, only initial configuration.

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