Luci interface not working right

I've had a strange problem appear with the Luci interface. System is a x86 router, with a Archer C7 running as an AP. Both now running 19.07.0-rc2. Problem is, logging into the router, I see the name/password page, enter them... and then see a spinning indicator instead of the Overview page coming up as normally would happen. Sometimes, it goes to a timeout error.

Eventually I discovered that a login DOES happen, and if you cancel the page load, you then can see the menu bar on the top of the page, and can load SOME of the pages, while others also get you the spinner, and dont load.

Seems the "bad" ones tend to be ones that have updating data, while ones with static data are ok.

This was all under the Chrome browser on my PC, after reading around and finding similar problems, tried Firefox and the problem is not there. Also, on the same Chrome browser, the C7 does not have the issue. (?!) So, whats going on here? Second also... both devices running 19.07.0-rc2 and using the same Chrome browser had days of no problem, till the x86 box started acting up. Unless Chrome updated itself without my noticing, I have no idea whats happening. But why does the other device not have the problem?