Luci integrated bandwidth monitoring per client - similar to iftop

Hi ,
I'm after a Luci module that is very similar to the output shown in iftop, which summarises usage by 2 seconds, 10 seconds, and 40 seconds. basically if iftop or something very similar is integrated into Luci that would be perfect.

I've had a quick look around but came up short . luce-app-nlbwmon is close to what I'm after, but seems aimed at daily or monthly reports/output. And "collectd" with TCP connections seems to be router-centric, rather than client-centric.

If such a Luci module exists already that provides functionality very similar to iftop, I would love to know.

thanks in advance

I use wrtbwmon to track bandwidth usage, If you follow the tutorial below it works great.

There is also this one that I have not tried.


Also check out YAMon - The install is a little problematic, but it seems to work fine afterwards

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I've spent a bunch of time on YAMon's install & setup script. I believe it is much better now.


I just tried wrtbwmon and it is a great package. For what I saw the main advantage over nlbwmon is the ability to change the report interval. Are there any other?
Why is not available as standard package from repository?

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I remember thinking the exact same thing. It integrates so perfectly, it looks identical to everything else in luci. I recall seeing a push/pull request thing - but I don't know how else to progress that / what the process is to get it committed upstream ..