Luci inaccessible after upgrade on 22.03.2

This morning I just normally did opkg upgrade and the following packages were upgraded:

luci-base - git-23.038.39289-18dde0c
luci-mod-system - git-23.013.73113-588381e

Upon restarting uhttpd Luci just stucks like this. Any advice?

bad call, I'd reset.


cp /rom/www/luci-static/resources/ui.js /www/luci-static/resources/ui.js

Then reload your browser / clear cache if needed.


Thank you @jow and @frollic. I just did sysupgrade and it's working now. No more messing up with upgrade packages :slight_smile:

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Contrary to the popular belief here, upgrading LuCI packages within the stable branch is generally fine. This instance here was due to an actual LuCI bug (accidentally committed syntax error) which would also manifest itself if you'd sysupgraded to an affected version. But in that case you wouldn't have had a version to fallback/reset to.


Thanks for the fix.. Worked a treat!

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