LuCI in development snapshot

Oops! I did it again! As beloved Britney sang. I installed the new build of the week on my Linksys WRT3200CM, the develompent snapshot Thu Jan 9 19:53:00 2020. I noticed a new thing in LuCI, after having installed it (it has been a long time since I entered LuCI): the entries "VPN "and" Services ". If I try to access one or the other of the tabs, I receive the message that warns me that the component is not present. What do these two tabs refer to? How to make them work?

It is a bug which I just fixed with

These top level menu items are supposed to be hidden unless a package is installed which places its menu points in there.

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What bad luck! Just flashed! It will be for next week. It seemed a strange thing to me. Thanks.

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