LuCI GUI for dnscrypt-proxy2 found

Hi guys! First post here :slight_smile:

As a lot of users here I've been waiting for a LuCI frontend for dnscryp-proxy2 for a while, and I've stumbled over this:

Has anyone tried it out whether it works or not. I couldn't get it to work with the build of dnscrypt-proxy2 available on the openwrt repository (wanting to overwrite the config file, also lua errrors-tab not found), but someone might be able to adapt it?


I wouldn't try it. It is just awful. This is not how things should be done. I don't even know where I should start. Two init scripts and two config files in the LuCI package? The Makefile is just wrong because the things should not be included there! Those should be included in the dnscrypt-proxy2 and they are already there since the beginning.

This is Makefile in LuCI for dnscrypt-proxy:

See? It's short, understandable. And now let's compare it with this one:

Just no. It should be easy to add something similar to luci-app-dnscrypt-proxy, if it is necessary. Perhaps it could be compatible, who knows. Maybe sometimes in the future, I will look at it, but if anyone would be faster, I don't mind.

Also saw this, but the maintainer also does not seem to get this into the official OpenWRT.

Currently dnscrpyt-proxy2 needs to be configured manually and the dnscrypt-proxy (and thus also LUCI GUI luci-app-dnscrypt-proxy) is heavily outdated, which is bad.

It would be great if someone could make a new version by combining the old package and the one proposed here, if wanted.


Stubby is much easier to set up in my opinion [Tutorial] [No CLI] Configuring DNS over TLS with LuCI using Stubby and Dnsmasq